At the end of the week, we attended the Orienteering Day at Kastélydombi Primary School, where we were able to show many enthusiastic young people what we are up to and what excitement there is every day for anyone who is looking up to work Technology Transfer in the space sector.

The future is in the hands of young people. Today, this age group is a key segment of society that can change the future. With smart devices, literally all your knowledge is just one click away, you just need to know what you are looking for and be able to use all the information we find. In this growing generation, there is everything we can do to avoid (hopefully) the present gloomy end of life on earth.

Space technology transfer can make our planet more beautiful and more lively. It is an essential part of the survival plan to prepare the young generation for the challenges ahead and to explain to them why space technology is important now. For this age group, getting to know the space industry will be inevitable.

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The European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Centers (BICs) annual meeting was held from 30 September to 5 October 2019. The event took place this year in Coimbra (Portugal).

From us Zsuzsanna Tandi the Hungarian leader of ESA BIC and NTTI, Dr. Zoltán Székely project manager, Edina Megygyesi economist and Beáta Bozsó project manager participated at the discussions and trainings.

Every year, ESA trainings are a surprise to those attending. The picture below shows, for example, Andrea Kurtz, a technology broker depicting the role of the ESA network in a technology transfer process at a creativity workshop. His work shows that we (the ESA network) are a bridge between technology needs and technology descriptions.

Andrea Kurtz the Austrian team’s technology broker and her creation at a creativity workshop

The picture below shows the creation of Zsuzsanna Tandi, the head of the Business Incubation Center in Hungary. It represents an important aspect of business, the mediation.

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Space is closer than you might think. Engineering for space usage is a new unique challenge that inspire and create enormous technologies. European Space Agency’s technology transfer program targets to bring the space technology down to earth with new applications benefiting the humanity and our industry. Space technologies have the capabilities like they must endure extreme acceleration, vibration, temperatures and have to be compact and light. Such attribute in space is beneficial for other industries back down on earth.

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The European Space Agency’s Hungarian Business Incubation Centre published the ESA BIC Network’s 56th Open Call.

The succesfull incubatee can obtain a maximum of 50.000 EUR non-refundable grant, for the development of a product or service which uses space-technology.

The details of the tender can be reached through the “Business incubation” menu’s “ESA BIC Open Call” submenu or you can click HERE directly!

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through one of our contacts in the “Contact” menu.

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