At the end of the week, we attended the Orienteering Day at Kastélydombi Primary School, where we were able to show many enthusiastic young people what we are up to and what excitement there is every day for anyone who is looking up to work Technology Transfer in the space sector.

The future is in the hands of young people. Today, this age group is a key segment of society that can change the future. With smart devices, literally all your knowledge is just one click away, you just need to know what you are looking for and be able to use all the information we find. In this growing generation, there is everything we can do to avoid (hopefully) the present gloomy end of life on earth.

Space technology transfer can make our planet more beautiful and more lively. It is an essential part of the survival plan to prepare the young generation for the challenges ahead and to explain to them why space technology is important now. For this age group, getting to know the space industry will be inevitable.

We gave a brief overview of these and similar facts for the 7th and 8th grade students at Kastélydombi Primary School. During Orienteering Day, they learned what the term “innovation transfer” is and what we can do with the space industry today. The presentation was hosted by Dr. Zoltán Székely, Innovation Project Manager.

Through his examples and explanations, students were given a deeper insight into this sector. In the last 10 minutes of the lecture, students had the opportunity to try and play some games.

They were introduced to virtual and augmented reality by using folding cardboard glasses to fly them almost tangibly into the solar system and 360 degrees around the universe.

And with another app, they could have been themselves in the center of our solar system.

During the session, they had the opportunity to try and experience the opportunities offered by Space Blanket.

Students with good logic and creativity could also try to solve the Technology Transfer pairing card game.

The most enterprising students could try the space ice cream, which is actually an ice cream sandwich from which all liquids are extracted.

Thank you for inviting us and we hope to provide the next young generation with similar exciting experiences next year.

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