Space is closer than you might think. Engineering for space usage is a new unique challenge that inspire and create enormous technologies. European Space Agency’s technology transfer program targets to bring the space technology down to earth with new applications benefiting the humanity and our industry. Space technologies have the capabilities like they must endure extreme acceleration, vibration, temperatures and have to be compact and light. Such attribute in space is beneficial for other industries back down on earth.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has set up a network whose mission is to identify market needs in Europe where space innovation and technology transfer is possible. The ESA Technology Transfer Program also serves to transfer intellectual property rights. Technological development processes begin with ESA funding, through in-house research or contracts with space manufacturers. In the first case, the intellectual property rights remain with the ESA, and in the second, the ‘fate’ of those rights is defined in the contract in question. But in both cases, the role of the Technology Transfer Program is to support the transfer of intellectual property rights, including all relevant research and development, to maximize the technological potential of the technology industry.

The most successful technology transfers are made by ESA when the technology capabilities are made available. This technology transfer program facilitates the process. There is nothing more demonstrating this than 250 technology transfers within this ESA program over the past two decades. Examples include solutions that help air purify intimate rooms in hospitals, or technologies that allow the development of video games that use live satellite images in their operation. To support these processes, ESA has set up business incubator houses across Europe to help startups based on these technologies enter the market. Each business incubation center assists with the launch of 10 new start-ups each year. The centers are also looking for business opportunities, including through their European network, to help the network function.

The Researchers’ Night was organized on September 27, 2019 by Bay Zoltán Applied Research Nonprofit Ltd. in Szeged. The event is almost a must-have for students, students, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in space, the space industry. At the event, we also wanted to introduce the Hungarian Space Incubator House of the European Space Agency. Our participation in the Researchers’ Night was successful. The participants were informed about the possibilities of cooperation with us at our booth, and about the tendering process that is running at the moment too and we also invited the visitors to our booth for various technology transfer related games, which the participants enjoyed very much. We also have gave out some prizes too for the participants

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