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We are currently not accepting new proposals. For the latest deadline check our page in the coming weeks.

Nature and purpose of this Call for Proposals: 

  1. The purpose of this Call for Proposals (Call) is to select projects and ideas for business incubation in ESA BIC Hungary for the maximum period of 24 months.
  2. ESA BIC Hungary offers to support projects and ideas for business incubation by providing funding, business support, technical assistance and office accommodation. The extent of the support provided are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule the incentive granted to one project is not for direct labour costs and can only be spent in Hungary. Exceptions have to be improved by ESA BIC Hungary. The incentive will amount to a maximum of EUR 50,000 costs incurred for purpose of development of products, prototypes, software and IPR, including but not limited to development services, prototype manufacturing, renting, leasing and consulting. The incentive is not covering the VAT amount of the financed activities, VAT has to be paid by the incubate from its own sources. In addition, ESA-BIC Hungary offers up to 80 expert hours for Technical Support.

Required documentations:

Open call documentation download here


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office: 

Who can participate?

  1. Applications are considered from Hungary.
  2. Only those applications will be considered who meet all the conditions set forth herein.
  3. Participation to the Open Call is opened to legal entities within the relevant ESA Member State (Member State where the Contractor is located) or Associated countries, and natural persons, who are resident with a permanent working permit within said Member State. Natural persons are required to demonstrate that, at the time of submission of their proposal to the Open Call, the process of establishment and registration of a legal entity has been initiated. Additionally, if a legal entity has not been established/registered yet, the applicant shall provide the envisaged organizational structure, legal status and share ownership, if applicable, of the company in its proposal. Non-compliance with such requirements will lead to the proposal being ruled non-admissible. A Contract with an applicant can only be signed when the registration of the corresponding legal entity has been completed and, said legal entity acquires full legal capacity.
  4. In case of start-up companies with legal personality, the company – represented by its authorised representative(s) – is considered to be the Applicant. The Applicant may not:
    • be registered as a legal entity in Chamber of Commerce more than 5 years before submission of the application,
    • be under any penal restrictions imposed by law CIV:2001 on penal sanctions against legal persons,
    • be under procedure of state legal supervision as defined under law V:2006 on supervision of legal entities,
    • have any tax debts, in the last 2 years,
    • be fined for violating health and safety at workplace rules under law XCIII:1993, in the last 5 years,
    • be fined for violating environmental protection rules under law LIII:1995, in the last 5 years,
    • be fined for using black labour or unethical child labour in any country,
    • be affiliated to or controlled by any company which is under EU or international sanctions.
  5. In case of start-up companies who are registered, the company – represented by its authorised representative(s) – is considered to be the Applicant. In case of legal entities who are not registered, the general partner is considered to be the Applicant. In case the Applicant is an individual, (s)he hall be over eighteen years of age and of sound mind, and therefore able to enter into a binding agreement.
  6. All the above categories are hereinafter referred to as ‘Applicant’.
  7. This Call explicitly excludes activities that promote, or related to, alcohol, tobacco, religion, politics, intolerance, violence, firearms, pornography, obscenity, gambling or illegal drugs.


  1. Applicants are required to closely follow the instructions provided in this Call when producing and submitting their proposal.
  2. Only those Applicants that fulfil all formal requirements will be accepted for evaluation.
  3. Applicants should carefully read the contractual documentation provided attached to the call. The application shall include a clear, explicit and unambiguous statement whereby the Applicant has read, understood and accepts the terms and conditions contained in the contractual documentation. Should the Applicant wish to propose modifications or amendments of the contractual documentation, the full text including such modifications or amendments shall be given to ESA-BIC Hungary. Also, the reasons for the amendments shall be clearly explained as part of the proposal.

Procedure and planning:

  1. The evaluation of all proposals received shall take place in accordance with the rules, procedures and requirements of both the Agency and ESA-BIC Hungary. All Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their evaluation.
  2. The evaluation procedure is managed locally by ESA-BIC Hungary with the participation of Agency and selected external experts.
  3. The Evaluation Board meets periodically to evaluate the proposals received between the last selection process and the published deadline. Proposals will be accepted for the current evaluation round in case they reach the ESA BIC Hungary Project Manager within the current deadline published on https://www.esabic.hu/
  4.  Applicants are required to sign the document “Declaration of Honour” prior to the presentation to the Evaluation Board. See template in the documentation.
  5. After selection by the Tender Evaluation Board, ESA-BIC Hungary shall enter into negotiation with the selected Applicants, taking into account the comments and clarification points of the Tender Evaluation Board.
  6. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation and final decision. Applicants may require an oral explanation of the decision from ESA-BIC Hungary within 10 calendar days of the receipt of such notification.

    ESA BIC Hungary has the right not to place a contract, if the contract has not been signed within three months after notification of selection for the project, provided that the Applicant can be held accountable for the delay.
  7. Additionally, ESA BIC Hungary has the right not to place a contract, in case of discrepancy between the registered legal entity and the intended one described in the proposal by the natural person applicant. Among other issues, discrepancies may be related to the following: entity structure, legal status or ownership composition.